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Wingate Ltd… offering a distinct approach to home design that pairs balance and flow with beauty and comfort, in a way that uniquely fits your lifestyle.

As an esteemed design-build company, Wingate Ltd.’s clients appreciate exceptional design.

Imagine your master bedroom as an invigorating oasis to wake up in, and a sanctuary to return to each night. Or, envision a living space made for entertaining, filled with character thanks to one-of-a-kind furniture crafted by masterful artisans. How would it feel to approach a stunning entryway that makes you smile every time you arrive home, or step into your dream kitchen, filled with awe because you still can’t believe it’s actually yours?

Inspired design happens when intuition meets innovation, establishing an alluring and restorative sense of home.

Let’s work together.

“Working with Valerie is an adventure into the world of possibilities….whatever I asked for, she found a way to make it work within the perimeters of the project….she built furniture, created tapestries, staged entire rooms from blue prints to “home sweet home”….Valerie has a genuine passion for her work which she demonstrates every step of the way and her team follows in her footsteps.

Thank you Wingate for making our magnificent house…. a home!”

Anne Penny

“There is such a thing as miracle workers! Valerie and her team at Wingate make things happen. Their vision, work ethic, and sense of style is unsurpassed. They listen, hear and deliver. Your home will be enhanced by their outstanding ability to bring together outstanding craftsmen, high quality products, and unparalleled design talent. Wingate is The Berkshires at its best! ”
Ivy L. Richmond, MA.

“We came to Valerie thinking we only needed two mirrors, but loved her additional ideas for the rest of the house. She has served us extremely well. We recommend Valerie and Wingate’s services unhesitatingly to anyone. We purchased a vacation home in the Berkshires recently and needed help pulling together furnishings for our new living quarters. Valerie, a true dynamo, spent about one hour in the house and immediately came up with a concept of how to beautify and finish our spaces. In addition to being personable, friendly and organized, she has an unerring eye for color, shape and design. She is well versed in decorating trends and is extremely familiar with different companies and vendors, and their quality of product. To meet our needs for an upstairs den, she was able to produce a coffee table in-house to fit our décor. She has access to beautiful fabrics, and educated us about selecting high quality pillows to decorate our sofas.”

Ronna and Michael Niederman

“My wife and I have just completed building ‘our dream home’ in Lee Mass and, we are proud to say it came out beautifully.  Our home was enhanced considerably in many areas by the vision and professionalism of Wingate LTD of Great Barrington, Mass. Wingate applied just the right touch and balance to several rooms to make a very good idea into a great result. To say we are happy with Wingate would be a gross understatement, we are elated with their input, creativity, caring and involvement in our project and would recommend them to anyone, no matter how small or how large the project.”

Anne and Jim Lees

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