About Wingate Ltd.

In 1998, Valerie Winig founded Wingate Ltd., envisioning a design and furniture company which would make the process of home construction, renovation, and redecorating an exciting and enjoyable process.

With a background in Landscape Architecture, Valerie has built Wingate Ltd. with the idea that "a house has soul and personality, reflecting the essence of the people who live there." Here at Wingate Ltd., we regularly translate this concept into our designs. We have created a signature international style which reflects Tuscan, English, and French Country, mixed with an American Classic flare. This has become known as the "Wingate style".

From the tiny space we occupied in 1998, we have grown to be one of the largest home furnishing stores and design showrooms in western Massachusetts.

Labels we carry include:

  • Century Furniture
  • Bausman & Company
  • American Leather
  • Habersham
  • Pulaski
  • Lane
  • Old Biscyne
  • Fauld Town & Country
  • Brown Jordan
  • Studio Steel
  • Currey & Co.
  • 2nd Avenue Designs
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Yves Delorme