Chris Wiseman

The architecture of man, the architecture of nature, closely observed. This is the focus of Scottsdale, Arizona and New York based artist Chris Wiseman. An award-winning architect for over 36 years, Wiseman has turned his elegant sense of structure to unique and powerful artistic statements. These large-scale canvases are characterized by dynamic "Piranesian" perspectives which are complex intersecting planes and abstract patterns created by natural and artificial illumination. The massive girders of Manhattan bridges and atmospheric urban vistas are a dominant theme for Wiseman, inspired by the 1920's architectural photography of Bourke-White, Steichen and Bernice Abbott, not to mention his studio's proximity to the 59th Street Bridge! His ability to stop the eye and force it to recognize the extraordinary beauty in otherwise ordinary forms is undeniable and makes his work as compelling in a private residence as it is in the lobby of a corporate headquarters. Summering in the Berkshires, Wiseman has also become fascinated with the charm and character of architecture intrinsic to this historic place. The work that results from this appreciation is preservation-minded in that it lets people recognize that in many instances it is far better to maintain these buildings rather than tear them down. The artist suggests that maybe each of our own lives and attitudes can be substantially elevated if we are only able to look at the generally familiar with new eyes.