Mia LeComte

Mia Munzer Le Comte was born in Prague & received a master's degree in fine arts there in 1929. she then went to berlin where she studied with Karl Hofer (1878-1955) at the academy of fine arts, & to Paris in i 931 where she was a student of Askar Kokoschka (1886 - 1980). by 1938, she had a one person show in Prague's feigl gallery, followed in 1939 by the Galerie Rousseau in Paris.

shortly after her Paris exhibition Hitler occupied Paris & mme. Le Comte was forced to flee on a harrowing journey of four months ending ultimately in the united states, an experience or Nazi terror that can be seen in symbolic overtones in some of her paintings, a tale she recounted in her book, “i still dream of Prague”. the luminosity &bright colors of her expressionist works can be traced back to her student days with Kokoschka. Le Comte lived & painted in the Berkshires from 1966 until her death in 2003.

Mia Le Comte had one person shows in prestigious New York city galleries, including tabor de nagy, galleries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, new York, & at the Berkshire museum. group shows included the paris salon, prague secession, San Francisco museum of art, NJ state museum, NY world's fair (1964), Albany institute of history & art, Schenectady museum, & many others. her work is in the museum of modern art in Prague & private collections around the world.