Modern Log Cabin

The unspoiled feel of nature surrounds you throughout this mountain home.


Initially built in 1971, the Modern Log Cabin sits on 22 acres of wilderness in Monterey, MA.
Upon first sight, we immediately had a vision for this home. Valerie, CEO of Wingate, Ltd.,
sketched her idea, and now it is reality.

Front View
Front View

Bringing it back to life

The original log home had such a New England spirit – and we needed to keep that essence alive with the new design.


To begin, we needed to bring life back to this structure. Our team scrubbed, stained, and chinked the original logs- breathing life back into this older structure while providing the much-needed maintenance to be sure it can withstand the test of time.


The addition needed to provide a similar feel, so, based on Valerie’s initial sketch, the addition was built – with windows galore. This modern design offers an abundance of natural light throughout the entire house while giving clear sight to the woods surrounding it and connecting
it with nature. Free

Design and craftsmanship you can trust.