Mountain Chateau

For this breathtaking mountain chateau, our client initially hired Wingate, Ltd. to design and furnish their home’s interior. We incorporated lush textures and soothing hues, elements of wood and stone to complement the home’s natural surroundings, and clean lines for an elegant touch. The client was so pleased that Wingate was then asked to develop and participate in the design of their landscape. The property’s sweeping mountainside views and stunning natural surroundings served as a wonderful base for our work, which included:

  • An expanse of natural stone hardscaping
  • A grand pergola with romantic vines
  • Lush foliage and flora that stay vibrant as the seasons change
  • Soothing water features
  • Inviting furniture made for relaxation


Our client was thrilled with the outcome, which was also featured on the cover and interior of Landscape Architect magazine.

Hakim's House

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